Take a step back, breathe in the fresh air, and soar to new heights

Is it just me or is it natural to feel suffocated by all the negativity and gluttony of the news media, one more pessimistic than the other?

Without delving too deep into the psychoanalysis; this month we invite you to get your head above the water... to get some fresh air... pure, warm, intoxicating and invigorating... travel from above.

Seeing Africa from the sky is a way of travelling that enables you to discover a country with a fresh perspective. It is a way of opening your mind and centres your awareness on the environment we live in; of taking a new look...

In short, from a bird's eye view...


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From Table Mountain in Cape Town to the South Luangwa National Park of Zambia, find the most incredible activities that will make you discover Africa from the sky...
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From Cape Point to Cape Town

By Evelyne Lecardeur (Incentive consultant)

Imagine... you are towering at 250 meters above the sea on the edge of sheer cliffs cutting deep into the ocean... you are at Cape Point!

  • Cape Point
  • Noordhoek Beach
  • The Cape Peninsula
  • Cape Town - Green Point and Mouille Point
  • Cape Town - The Mother City

Breathe, admire the Ocean's immensity. Then, go down to the most South-Western point of Africa, the legendary Cape of Good Hope. You are surrounded by the deep blue ocean. Just take a break and enjoy this amazing environment whilst sipping a glass of South African sparkling wine.

Time to go. You are on your way back crossing the amazing Table Mountain National Park. Have a look around you and you may see ostriches and baboons living their life! On the road again, well, not exactly! Look closer, you are arriving at "Boidjedrift", can you see the rangers with helicopters? What an amazing surprise... they are waiting for you! Jump in one of them, follow your ranger's instruction to put your headphones on and get ready for a surprising and stunning experience!!!

Your helicopter takes off slowly and you are now flying over the sea until you face the rugged rocks of Cape Point... Breathtaking! Feel how amazing it is to see such beautiful landscapes from above.

You carry on flying above the impressive Noordhoek Beach until Camps bay. Above Camps Bay you suddenly realize how beautiful Cape Town is with all its natural Wonders. The light blue Ocean just beneath you, the famous Table Mountain on your right and the amazing Lions Head in front of you! Still the Tour is not over. You are now crossing Signal Hill and flying above the Waterfront from where you can admire the new stadium. After 30 minutes of flying, it is time to go back on earth...

Your helicopter is slowly landing in the waterfront and it's now touching the ground. You are back on earth. Such a great experience to share, isn’t it?

Flying over Hermanus

By Elodie Bleury (We miss you)

I am literally blown away by the passing scenery under my feet from the mountain Klein Riviers Bay to Hermanus via the beaches, meadows and wine farms or wild spaces. A panoramic view over this incredible region.

  • Hermanus
  • A different way to spot whales
  • Hermanus

I really invite you to discover an original and a fabulous part of the province of Western Cape aboard a Cessna plane.

What a feeling to be in this strong plane and I'm stunned by its agility going down closer to the water and land, or otherwise rising up to the clouds! If you decide to fly between June and December you will definitely see some of the giants of the deep, the Southern Right Whales and their fellow species. In August 2008, one of the Cessna established the record with the observation of 196 whales in one flight.

Greater Hermanus is situated on a narrow coastal strip between mountains and sea. Rocky hills surround the town with a nature reserve on the outskirts and sandy beaches for swimming and surfing can also be added to this tranquil setting. It is also reputed to be the ideal spot for whale watching. During the period July to November/December Southern Right Whales come close to the shore for calving and mating. A whale festival is held during the first week of October, which draws many visitors to the town.

If your journey will not happen during this season, don’t worry, you would be able to witness seals, sharks and dolphins in the area of Walker Bay all year long.

The Sani Top Chalet - Drakensberg

By Elodie Bleury (We miss you)

Step into one of the best kept secret places, the highest pub in Africa, The Sani Top Chalet.

  • The highest pub in Africa
  • The Sani Pass
  • CSnow on the pass
  • The chalet in the snow

Here I find myself at the top of the spectacular Drakensberg mountain range on the border between South Africa and Lesotho. Jonathan and Sylvia Aldous welcome you at the top of the Sani Pass in their picturesque chalet. A 4x4 is essential to get there. At nightfall, I plunged my eyes into the sea of ​​stars above my head and through the day I admire the extraordinary landscape around me at the high altitude of 2874m.

A very endearing place, perfect for dinner, lunch or a drink with friends or your better half and enjoy views overlooking both countries.

The Sani Pass was originally developed as a bridle path in 1913. The Route, aptly called the "roof of Africa", boasts to be the highest road in Africa and third highest in the world and peaks at a heady height of 3200m above sea level.

I advise you to extend your stay in this unique place to enjoy your overnight in one of their traditional rondavels surrounded by the snow in winter or by the green pastures in summer. Wake up in a quiet environment and delight in the highest breakfast of your African trip.

Flying over the Skeleton Coast

By Stéphane Rossard (Web Marketing)

A flight that you will remember forever, believe me... Here's how the Cessna pilot convinced me to go on a two hours flight over the Skeleton Coast... quite a bloodcurdling name, right? Let's go for thrilling sensations.

  • The Cessna
  • The dunes fading in the ocean
  • Spot many shipwrecks
  • The dunes facing the Atlantic ocean
  • Spot many shipwrecks

Departing from Swakopmund which quickly disappears in the horizon, I immediately got a sweeping and stunning view over the coast which extends to infinity and meets the beautiful Namib Desert dunes that face the stormy Atlantic Ocean. An ocean that serves as a hearty food pantry for the thousands of seals that have colonized Cape Cross. Before heading north, towards the wildest and unspoiled region due to its status as a park and where we can hear the roaring dunes.

The Skeleton Coast was named after the many shipwrecks that occurred in the past. We still can spot numerous wreckages stuck in the stand along the coast from the plane.

The incredible spectacle continues, between dunes out of sight and vast windswept plains to the Angolan border where suddenly the Kunene River forms a mad dash of lush greenery in this barren universe.

The pilot had a thousand times right...

Flying over the Okavango Delta

By Alexandre Poirier (FIT consultant)

Botswana Maun Airport 14h15: I stand in awe at the gates of one of the most beautiful natural treasures on our planet, the Okavango Delta. Bright sunlight, a temperature of 28 degrees, not a shadow of a cloud disturbing the infinite blue sky. A 20 minute flight to reach my lodge in the heart of the delta. Sounds promising, enticing...

  • 6-seater Cessna
  • Let's go on board
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Flying over the Okavango Delta
  • Landing

On the tarmac dozens of small planes are meticulously lined up like cars in the parking lot of a supermarket. Awaiting passengers draw near, eager to begin their adventure. Among the line up, is my 6-seater Cessna, including the pilot! A strange mixture of anxiety and excitement is resonating through me.

I am introduced to my pilot and there is a brief presentation on safety. Belts fastened. Cameras ready. Take off.

All my thoughts of Maun are quickly disturbed by a deafening noise: the propeller running at full speed! Dry lands and arid areas give way to land much wetter within minutes. The water becomes ubiquitous in a country that has no border with the sea or the ocean!

Nature gave free rein to her imagination and created one of the most striking landscapes in the world. The result; rivers meandering through the grasslands scattered with papyrus, green meadows stretching through a myriad of channels, floodplains dotted with islands and islets and salt lakes with unique shapes. A true masterpiece!

The exquisiteness of the world unfolds before my eyes, right here, a few hundred meters under the wings of my plane; a horde of elephants crossing a river, a single giraffe revelling in the abundance of leaves on a tree, hippos basking on the banks of a river. My eyes drink in these awe-inspiring images!

The plane begins its descent. I begin to wonder if the land safaris planned during my stay in the delta can compete with such emotion that the air safari has evoked within me. I’m ready, bring it on.

Flying over the Victoria Falls

By Evelyne Lecardeur (Incentive consultant)

Not enough? Well I suggest you to discover the Victoria Falls from above!

  • Flying over the Victoria Falls
  • Flying over the Victoria Falls
  • Flying over the Victoria Falls

What better way to discover the whole panorama and its magnificence? A 4x4 vehicle will take you to the nearest heliport and from there you will start your unique experience.

Circling over the falls you can see right into the chasm of the falls. You will then feel the power of the falls with its tremendous volume of water. What an undefinable spectacle! 1700m of width and 108m of depth, what else...?

Take a deep breath because you haven’t explored the whole scenery yet. To complete the picture add the amazing view of the wide Zambezi River slowly moving along in a winding course and watch he wildlife going about its daily business.

Are you ready now for such an unforgettable lifetime?

Stop imagining it, experience it!

Flying over the Quirimbas Archipelago

By Jorge Ruivo (FIT consultant)

Chicken or beef? Yes, after a direct flight from OR Tambo to Pemba airport I was already imagining myself cooling down next to the pool at Matemo Island Resort.

  • The plane is ready
  • Flying over the Quirimbas Archipelago
  • Lonely boat
  • Flying over the Quirimbas Archipelago
  • Flying over the Quirimbas Archipelago
  • Flying over the Quirimbas Archipelago

I was feeling that tropical heat at the little airport in Pemba. The prospects of those lovely cool towels they hand on arrival at the resort, was one of the few things making me forget that ominous humidity.

The Cessna, that was transferring me and three other passengers, was starting up her engine with a roar! I anticipated the flight to be longer than it was, as the guy sitting next to me could not stop talking about his master plan to ask his girlfriends’ hand in marriage on this tropical island get-away. As we ascended into the air I immediately started to relax. As the flight curved along the north coast of Mozambique the picturesque view unfolded and made the droning sounds of the aircraft and annoying talkative passenger fade in the horizon...

The Quirimbas archipelago was in itself a splendor to appreciate from the aerial view. It is a beautiful mosaic of turquoise shades interrupted by small islands "floating" in between them. And if you are an avid diver you will know that there are beautiful coral reefs and striking tropical fish waiting to be explored in these waters. When the aircraft went fairly low I could see the locals still fishing from traditional crafted boats, called "dhows". As we got closer to our destination, Matemo Island, I was reminded of how rich the Mozambican history is. When we flew over Ibo Island I caught sight of the majestic white fort that still keeps a look-out over the waters and its presence both mesmerizing and eerie at the same time.

As we made our way down the small landing strip I wished the flight was a bit longer as it was a great treat and an unexpected delight to start my island holiday with!

Hot air ballon over the Namib Desert

By Stéphane Rossard (Web Marketing)

Hot puffs of the balloon, the only breathing sound echoing in this Olympian silence, awakening my senses which are still numb by this extreme early morning sunrise.

  • Getting Ready
  • Let's go
  • The sun is rising on the Desert
  • Hot air ballon over the Namib Desert
  • Hot air ballon over the Namib Desert

Starting off at Sesriem, I am ready to fly over one of the most magnificent and majestic desert in the world: the Namib Desert. One of the oldest in the world (80 million years), extremely dry but surprisingly full with abundant wildlife.

As soon as the sun rises, the curves of the dunes are finer, more frank and ochre colors brighter. A breath-taking view of the highest dunes in the world. I clearly distinguish the vleis, these dry lakes, which looks like white cakes from the sky, sometimes populated with petrified acacia trees.

Vertigo of the immensity beneath our feet, superb air navigation over the sea of undulating sand dunes scattered... before we land delicately and enjoy a breakfast on an elegantly set table, meet our very caring ranger and eat dishes full of flavours.

My eyes, drunk by these fabulous images, are still not back down...

High above the City of Gold

By Shannon De bruijn (Johannesburg Office)

That’s what we call a "HOT SPOT" !

  • Randlords
  • Randlords
  • Randlords

Perfectly perched at the highest point in Braamfontein (Jo’burg), Randlords is a high-class rooftop bar and lounge venue, positioned on the 22nd floor of South Point Towers. Floating high above the City of Gold, its 360 degree views stretch from the royal FNB Stadium in Soweto to the suburban Sandton skyline... It is the ultimate address for exclusive corporate and private events.

Breath-taking during the day, the venue comes alive at night and is ideal for cocktail parties and product launches. The space can facilitate a plated dinner for 120 people to a cocktail party for 450.

And obviously we can tailor your menus, your entertainment, to suit each event!

Microlight Safari - South Luangwa National Park

By Sébastien Charrieras (XO Director)

Sometimes a different view is required to put things in perspective. And what better than a video to understand what we mean by this... Enjoy!

Quiet... Himself... When I've asked Jorge's colleagues to describe him, few interesting things came out ;-) But Reliable and Pro, were the two most mentioned...
What else do you need? Even if Jorge speaks a lot of different languages (English, Portuguese, French, Spanish), he always uses them for the right purpose. With 30 girls in the office, it's most welcome!

Your idea of ultimate luxury?

Having my loved ones on a yacht and travelling along the Mediterranean.

What calms your stress?

My wife, she always finds a way to make the event funny.

If you win the roulette 9 times in a row, do you carry on because luck is on your side or do you stop playing because statistically you should now be losing?

I'm a virgo, so I don't take chances, I will quit while I am ahead

Is there a superstition that makes you change your behaviour?

I’m not superstitious.

If you were sent to a deserted island what book, disc or movie would you take with?

Listening to Cesaria Evora.

A small pleasure that you consider huge?

A slice of warm toasted bread with Nutella after a long day at work!

Your way to kill time?

There is not enough hours in a day to be wasted!

What are you totally incompetent in?

To get a 2 years old to drop those tantrums.

To what are you addicted?

Watching Arsenal play since Arsene Wenger took over! I became a GUNNER!

Your new year’s resolutions?

I am a "go with the flow" kind of guy, so I don't do the new years resolution!

What have you not done yet, but that you will certainly do one day?

Travelling with my family to an interesting "off the beaten track" destination

To which other part of the world would you move to without any hesitation?

Anywhere where there is sun all year around, I just hate the cold during winter!

A word or a phrase that you hate?

Good bye

If you were to reincarnate into someone from real life who would it be?

My father, because he is the calmest person I know and he is always smiling!