I was reading an article written by some “cruise experts” describing the beauty of the Galapagos islands, the Norwegian fiords, the Black Sea, the Caiman Islands… Whilst it was an interesting article indeed (they are “experts” after all), they missed somewhere special: Africa is THE most exotic land of water of all.

Boats have long been symbols of freedom, movement, adventure and personality. This is no less true of a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, a House boat stay on the Kariba Lake, a honeymoon cruise on the Quirimbas Archipelagos, a canoe trip on the Orange River, a boat safari on the Chobe River or a sunset cruise in a luxury catamaran in Cape Town's Table Bay.

But romantic or sporty, luxurious or adventurous, cruising Southern Africa is still an unconventional way to travel along Africa. And that’s the way it should be.

This stress-free approach of travelling is not, for a change, dictated by some tourism guru or luxury brand in the industry. It is a real trend showing the need to get back to a slower rhythm, opening eyes for smaller details and not only the big picture; giving sense and soul to the journey and not simply covering kilometres throughout the country.

But more than a trend in the way people travel, the way you travel, is changing. Taking our time in a life which is moving faster than ever, is just an unvalued luxury which we illustrate in this newsletter.

So, don’t miss the boat… Set sail for Africa!


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Steer the boat if you want or just sit back and relax.
From a catamaran sunset cruise in Cape Town to a luxury cruise on the Chobe River, we’ve selected only the best for you. Just click on the following icons

Cape Town

What a better place than being on board of a boat to admire Cape Town and Table Mountain? We invite you to sail on board the “un-miss able” boats of Cape Town for a pure moment of leisure!

  • Nautilus Luxury Yacht
  • Princess Emma Luxury Yacht
  • Tigger II Sunset cruise
  • Tigresse catamaran
  • The Jolly Roger Pirate Boat

Le Nautilus

The yacht that offer an alternative either for Individual travelers, either for Groups and Incentive! This 35 meters long luxury yacht can either accommodate up to 110 pax for a chic cocktail moored on the vibrant Waterfront, until 58 pax for a cruise, or just take up to 12 people for a very private stay on board in one of the 6 luxurious cabins!

Princess Emma

Elegance, privacy and luxury these are the words to describe a cruise on board of the Princess Emma. On the foot of Table Mountain leave for a sunset cruise on the blue waters of Cape Town! This 25 meters long yacht, with 4 Cabins, can accommodate 8 Guests if you want to stay overnight, and up to 12 guest for an exclusive sunset cruise.

Tiger II

This Power Catamaran offer you a wide range of different experiences, lunch or dinner on board. Champagne Sunset Cruise? Event? Cocktail ? So many different ways to cruise with the Tigger II. Up to 45 guests on board for a cruise! And 35 seating for lunch or dinner!


Feeling a boat sliding over the water! Have you always dreamed of lying on the net of a catamaran during sunset just listening to the breeze? Once out of the Harbor the Skippers will open the sail and you will feel the real experience of sailing on a catamaran with a glass of Sparkling Wine!

Pirate Boat

Are you still a kid deep inside you? Have you ever wanted to be in the skin of Jack Sparrow? The Jolly Roger will transport you to the time of the caravel’s during a sunset! The kids will love it!

by Mélanie Ravot

The Zambezi Queen

I’d like to share with you a unique experience I had recently - a luxury cruise on the Chobe River - very different to cruising the Nile and much more thrilling.

  • The Zambezi Queen
  • Balcony and River cruise
  • Lounge and Bedroom

The Zambezi Queen - a luxury boat - offers the best in cruise accommodation. It boasts 14 cabins – 4 of them are suites – and all of them have beautiful views of the river. In my opinion they are on a par with the best safari lodges.

During the 3 or 4 day cruise (depending on what option you choose) you will also experience an inland safari to the Chobe National Park, or experience a view water-based game or visit a cultural village in a traditional mokoro (a dug out canoe) among many other options. The crew is always there to help you. The service is excellent and the meals are great. A truly unique experience and a wonderful alternative to a classic Game Reserve in Botswana.

by Christian Dettori

Lake Jozini

A day out you will always remember! Enjoy a day cruising on board Shayamanzi (Lake Jozini).

  • The Shayamanzi
  • Game viewing

Relax in the jacuzzi, fish or game view from her tender boats; enjoy the breeze from her elevated decks.

You will leave the jetty in the Northern part of Lake Jozini where the Pongola River enters the Lake, where the shores are busy with herds of elephant, zebra, wildebeest, impala, warthog, giraffe, kudu, nyala, white rhino, buffalo to name a few. The birdlife is excellent too!

You will then go into deeper waters close to the Lebombo Mountain Range. Shayamanzi is registered to carry 100 passengers. The rates include a buffet luncheon, dessert, bar snacks, and teas & coffees. (Cash bar onboard).

Packages including accommodation, all meals, game viewing on land guided walk and fishing are also available.

by Claudia Ramin

Lake Kariba

Located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe, Lake Kariba is known for its famous dam and you should really not miss it on any account.

  • Houseboat and Lake Kariba
  • Lake Kariba
  • Matusasona National Park on Lake Kariba

The beauty of the landscapes is so amazing that Lake will let you an unforgettable memory. If you are fond of fishing, you must take part in the notorious annual competition of tiger fishes. You will pitch your strength/talent against those of all the fishermen from the continent who come especially for the occasion. Lake Kariba, is still out-of-the-way and is the perfect place for all kinds of water activities, above all canoeing.

Moreover, there is a stop that you cannot miss in your trek: one night in one of the numerous houseboats on the lake! These attractively equipped barges offer you the possibility to unwind while enjoying the crimson of the sunset, and at night, the rays of the moon reflect an iridescent light on the lake waters…

by Florian Canal


What about taking your friends to Nirvana?

  • The Nirvana Houseboat in Langebaan
  • Spacious lounge and kitchen

Yes the one the Indians were talking about, the dreamed state of total freedom and of blowing away… We found it for you in South Africa!

The Nirvana is a house-boat moored in the warm and turquoise blue lagoon of Langebaan. This 2 storey house can host up to 24 guests spread amongst very comfortable cabins in 400 m² and is fully equipped.

The lagoon is the heart of the West Coast National Park, only 1h30 from Cape Town. It’s a paradise for birders and fishermen and offers a large choice of land or water based activities (hiking, skiing, swimming, etc). For the less sportive guests a nice tan is guaranteed if you lie on the deck (with sunblock!)

For a smaller group, the sister boat "Larus" can host up to 6 persons.

by Hélène Soragna

Mola Mola

This morning tour is very popular with individual travellers as well as incentive groups up to 100 people who visit the coast, as it shows them an area that the average visitor doesn’t have access to.

  • Mola Mola Sea Safari
  • Mola Mola Sea Safari
  • Mola Mola Sea Safari

The entire cruise is done with ski boats in the protected lagoon area of Walvis Bay, where the water is calm and abundant with bird life.

Boats depart from Walvis Bay at 09h00 and cruise through the harbour to the Bird Island, and then cut across the lagoon to moored Russian trawlers where inquisitive seals will swim up to the boats for something to eat. From there we head for Pelican Point where entertainment is provided by a large seal colony and schools of dolphins swimming alongside the boats. Heavyside and Bottlenose are common in the area at the right time of year.

For the bird lovers, apart from seeing many flamingos, cormorants, and pelicans, there are common sightings of the White Chinned Petrel, Wilson’s Storm Petrel, Cape Gannet, Black Oystercatcher, and even the Jackass Penguin. Pelicans also provide wonderful photographic opportunities while flying alongside the boats.

To round off the trip you will be spoilt with fresh Walvis Bay oysters, snacks, and cold sparkling wine served on board the boat, to return to Walvis Bay by 12h15. (Beer and soft drinks are also available.)

by Claudia Ramin

Orange River

Come and experience the Orange River!

  • Orange River Rafting
  • Orange River Rafting

Have you ever dreamt of going rafting during your holiday in a quiet and heavenly place? If you have, there is a spot you absolutely have to go! The Orange River, the longest river in South Africa and also the first place in Southern Africa where diamonds were found, will please the rafting amateur who lives in you.

From March to May, you can travel around 30 km a day and look up to the spectacular land-surveying of the lower reaches of the river. To do so, you have to go to Vioolsdrif on the border between South Africa and Namibia, from where you can go on an expedition on the famous orange waters…

For those who prefer going canoeing than rafting, you can paddle in the middle of a volcanic relief, which shelters a large number of animals (such as birds, primates,…). Nature lovers who would like extending their stay along the Orange River can sleep out in the open or spend one more night in the camping areas.

by Florian Canal

The Quirimbas Archipelago

There is no better way to discover an archipelago than by sea.

  • 53 ft Royal Cape Catamaran
  • 53 ft Royal Cape Catamaran
  • 53 ft Royal Cape Catamaran

Imagine pure freedom, sailing the Indian Ocean softly, stopping on deserted island, exploring unspoiled villages, diving in the best spots… all in luxury with great service.

We can offer a choice of luxury yacht catamaran in the amazing Quirimbas archipelago north of Mozambique ranging from 35 to 53 feet, fully equipped with a skipper and a chef to look after you to realize this dream holiday.

The area is simply stunning, unique, and authentic. It is a postcard with clear warm waters and amongst the best diving spots on earth. You will only have one goal after your holidays: coming back!

by Hélène Soragna

Seychelles - Head for the atolls!

If you ever feel like sailing and getting away from your routine to live an unforgettable experience, go to Mahé, in the Seychelles aboard one of the gorgeous yachts which have moored in the Victoria Harbour.

  • Sunset cruise in the Seychelles islands
  • Sunset cruise in the Seychelles islands
  • Victoria Harbour in the Seychelles islands

Once aboard, step on the gas towards your favourite island – there are more than one hundred islands in the Seychelles – and enjoy the famous fine sand beaches of the archipelago.

Most of the yachts can welcome a maximum of 8 people. The flybridge is the perfect place to sip a cocktail and enjoy sunsets together with your friends or family. Such a luxury cruise perfectly combines leisure and adventure. So you can deeply feel the pleasure to be at sea whilst revelling/delighting in the beauty of the Seychelles atolls. The captain will share his experience with you and perhaps let you be at the helm of the ship just for an amazing adventure…

by Florian Canal

Victoria Falls

The splendor of a sunset over the Zambezi River

  • Sunset cruise on the African Princess
  • The African Queen

African Queen & African Princess

What better place than being aboard either the African Queen or the African Princess for sunset? Enjoying a cold drink while the sky gently changes colours from minute to minute!

by Mélanie Ravot

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Mother Theresa... :-)