The trend of extreme luxury, shiny hotels and dazzling parties has ended! The crisis blows the wind in a different direction and the tendency moves to green, social, cultural exchanges and intimacy.

And this is good for me!

The Southern African region is pleased to answer to the mood of the market trend. Locals are particularly welcoming, not sparing their words when questions come from visitors. They are passionate when it comes to sharing their culture; modern or ancestral.

The Environment is also a subject matter. A long time ago the lodges of the National Parks understood and incorporated in their actions the need for preservation, saving measures and recycling. The “eco” trend here is not a marketing product, it’s a commitment.

Intimacy… Farewell the hotels of 300 rooms. These days, Boutique Hotels, Private Villas, remote lodges, see their occupancy charts breaking records.

This month we combine the 3 aspects mentioned, to take you on a journey around the most remote and pristine shores of our African land… without cell phone, without Facebook…

Sebastien Charrieras


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