This year, if the bells must chime, they will ring at least 3 times:

The first jingle will be to avoid sending our wishes out the middle of December, which will eventually end-up in the deleted items of your mailbox. So, we wish you only the best for the coming festive season.

The second jingle in your ears will suggest a few ideas for your last minute holiday. Wouldn’t you prefer to be in the sun with your feet in the sand, wearing a swimming costume rather than being dressed in the jersey your lovely Grandma knitted you?

And the last jingle is to direct your attention to a very important and worthy social project close to our heart: The SANTA SHOEBOX PROJECT. The project is an inspiring community initiative that collects personalized Christmas gifts for socially disadvantaged children. A gift to be shared with a child from a vulnerable social background, who may have never before received a Christmas gift. Because Sharing is Caring, please read below:

And if we may, the bells of the XO team are joining me in wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Sebastien Charrieras
“Bell’s Captain”



Be socially responsible this Christmas: buy a charitable gift!

Instead of sending Christmas cards and buying gifts for your clients and staff, donate to a charity through XO Africa! Click here and contribute to support worthy charities in a safe, easy manner.

Since its inception, XO Africa has been involved in projects aimed at helping the under privileged or protecting the environment. More specifically, we supported the project ‘My Tree in Africa’ that consisted of planting trees in poor communities living in barren, dusty, townships across the country. So far, over 2.5 million trees have been planted throughout South Africa, contributing to healthier environments, fighting climate change and alleviating poverty. For more information visit

XO Africa also supports the local townships of Cape Town area, contributing both funding and product donations to community organisations, schools and orphanages. Amongst the initiatives for the township, we contributed to the Children/Youth Development Conference hosted in October 2010 by the Social District Office of the township of Khayelitsha. The conference targeted children and youth between the ages of 14-18yrs and focused on the physically challenged and HIV/AIDS affected and infected. Our company also funds the French NGO Tourism for Development ( which promotes humanitarian projects in several developing countries, including South Africa.

If you really want your staff and clients to receive a tangible gift, why not consider a socially responsible gift?

We can connect you with well-known reliable South African organizations employing disadvantaged women to develop artwork, such as beaded objects, township bags and many other works made of recycled materials such as wire, tin, paper, plastic and metal.

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