What next?

Yes, you can tell me that I could have avoided making it all about Woman AGAIN! You could even tell me that there are more important subjects to tackle. That, indeed, we are only Travel Organizers, and not the ambassadors or spokesMEN for the Woman’s Liberation or “Females First” magazine. Yes, yes, yes….I acknowledge all of this.

You might be asking then “What the Hell is going on with this November’s newsletter dedicated to Woman?”.

Some said here at XO (ladies actually) that the time came to honor Women who, even more in Africa than anywhere else in the world, are symbols of Courage, Strength and represent our most essential and fundamental Values… the precious things that Men occasionally neglect. Time to honor those ladies who Unify, Guide and Lead our world.

Obviously, we all agree that it's pure nonsense (typically female behavior *)

So, to save you time, I won’t push you to read the articles that highlight a few of those exceptional creatures who seemed to have emerged above the rest.

But, believe me, next month our newsletter will make sense again. We will talk about football and the World Cup, which will, no doubt, delight everyone!

see you soon .

* as per opposition to weak, stiff, egocentric, entirely masculine,...

Courtesy, Charm, Character, Calm and Cuisine - this is her athos. Mrs. Liz Mc Grath is the only person in the world to be the sole owner of three 5 star properties each of them being a proud member of Relais Chateaux. These magnificent hotels are all situated in South Africa in historical buildings.

The Cellars Hohenhort is an intimate wine estate in Constantia, only 20 minutes from Cape Town city center. The Marine in Hermanus and the Plettenberg (in Plettenberg…) have the splendor of old charm hotels that open up on the ocean, and contemporary touches brightens up the chic British interior.

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