And it is when I decided to put myself on a diet that our newsletter team came up with the “Food concept”.

Just a tragedy! Anyway…

Would you agree to say that we measure the soul of a country by its gastronomy & wine? The influence of the different origins of the South African population brought up a lovely mix of flavors.

From a traditional British malva pudding to a spicy masala curry, the range of exotic dishes here is wide. And tasty! Many young chefs put their names on the gastronomy world map, bringing innovative ideas to local culture, fine techniques to old recipes.

Supported by a great variety of first-rated wines, South Africa is definitely a new “food & wine” destination giving another ace to our country.

And to prove it, Cape Town will host from the 13 to 16 of May, the Good Food & Wine show, lining-up International cuisine celebrities like Gordon Ramsay and a sensational selection of international BBC celebrity chefs including Willie Harcourt-Cooze, Eric Lanlard, Giorgio Locatelli and Reza Mahammad.

The perfect excuse to postpone my diet until June…

Sebastien Charrieras
Kitchen Nightmare


Culinary tourism has a new face in Southern Africa; with African Relish a dream came true for food lovers and present owners of the recreational cooking school that combines luxury accommodations with fabulous cooking experience, offering the great opportunity to meet and learn from professional chefs and discover the fresh local produces in a gorgeous landscape!

You can discover the culinary pulse of South Africa in Prince Albert, the charming historic village at the foot of the Swartberg Pass, approximately 5 hours drive through the scenic landscapes of the Karoo desert. The Accommodation consists of charming renovated Prince Albert guesthouses in pure Karoo style.



The month of May announces smooth sailing for families as there are more than 900 000 of you on the African continent! Your social herding character leads you to live in groups in the bush or in swampy areas of the Okavango Delta where you find in abundance fresh herbs and grass. In mixed clans with intergenerational links, constantly searching for the greenest pastures, you take the time to live and build your family that will most fervently defend you at the first sight of a lion approaching.

A little obstinate and aggressive, your character traits lead you to be rather opinionated. When you get it into your head to obstruct a tourist’s way it will be impossible to move you out of the way. Caution in retaliation, your terrible horns and your 700 kilogram’s will count in your favour with your speed of 55km as the ultimate surprise factor!

You are fond of mud baths to cool you down and to protect you against insect bites. Even though appearance is of little importance to you the Yellow-billed Oxpecker will exfoliate your skin to get rid of the ticks and parasites. Because you deserve it!

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