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Jacob Zuma – President

Some would say that South Africa voted for a “substitute of love”…

Economists differ, thinking Zuma is an economic easy lover in the continuity of his predecessor.

If my opinion was important, I would say Zuma or no Zuma, the issue is not significant…

Cape Town, Table Mountain, our 3500km of beaches, the Kruger Park and its Big Five will still be here in 5 years.

So, Zuma or no Zuma, the only Cape we are taking is the one of Good Hope!
- Christian Dettori (XO Africa Director) Click here to visit the XO Africa Website

Top 10 Diving Spots in Southern Africa

Gansbaai, the Great White Shark capital of the world, offers one of the best shark cage diving possibilities in the world! This is due to Dyer Island, which is home to a colony of 60.000 Cape Fur Seals, which are the favorite prey of the Great White Sharks. Experience the most exiting dive of your lifetime!

Aliwal Shoal
Aliwal Shoal

Aliwal Shoal is probably the second best known diving spot in South Africa. It is a reef located about 5km off shore in front of the town of Umkomaas. It is famous for the possibility to dive freely with sharks and other game fish. There are also two wrecks who can be dived!

Sodwana Bay
Sodwana Bay

Sodwana Bay is renowned for its sport fishing, scuba diving and snorkeling. Sodwana Bay is situated on the coast within the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, South Africa`s first World Heritage Site. Sodwana Bay lies adjacent to Africa’s southern-most coral reefs which has an abundant marine life and beautiful corals

Ponta do Ouro
Ponta do Ouro

Ponta Do Ouro is a place that will take your breath away. No word and no picture can reflect the beauty of this amazing corner of the world which is famous from its 8 high quality off-shore coral reefs.

Praia do Tofo
Praia do Tofo

Praia do Tofo is definitely one of the top places in the world to encounter the majestic whale sharks. You can simply swim or snorkel with them and marvel in their awesome size and beauty. Next to the Whale Sharks, this site is also famous for its Manta and other sorts of ray's. There are two 'cleaning stations', where the Manta's come and let other fish clean them.


Pomene is one of the best secrets on the African coast, and is fast becoming one of the most desired travel destinations in Mozambique, if not the whole of Southern Africa. Explore the mystical waters of Pomene Bay, where a new underwater realm is waiting to be discovered. Coral gardens, walls, swim-through and intriguing caverns. Reefs which teem with an endless variety of marine life producing an ever changing color kaleidoscope.
From sharks, rays, mantas, game fish and morays to the amazing quantity of tropical’s. Pomene offers a sweet taste of un-spoilt beauty


The warm waters of the Indian Ocean are teeming with life and the reefs are pristine. There are over 1000 species of fish including Manta Rays, Whale sharks, Dolphins, Turtles, migrating Humpback Whales and the mythical Dugong. The list is endless; the colors of the pristine reefs beyond description and uncharted reefs are still discovered here. There are two completely different diving environments for everyone’s diving pleasure: 16 different reefs out to sea, that range in depth from 7 – 40 meters, and the Barra Lagoon near the mangrove swamps, which has its own unique eco-system

Bazaruto Island
Bazaruto Island

The protected Bazaruto National Marine Park is a safe haven for many sea creatures. All kinds of marine creatures are found here, from the friendly Whale Shark, to the playful Bottlenose Dolphin and highly endangered Dugong. Also big game fish and reef sharks can be seen here. The beaches of the Bazaruto Island are perfect for the eggs of Leatherback, Loggerhead and Green turtles, so these do frequent the area as well.

Benguerra Island
Benguerra Island

Some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the world is available off Benguerra’s shores with the surrounding coral reefs rich in sea life. The archipelago is one of the last remaining habitats of the endangered Dugong and home to many more species, such as dolphins, whale sharks and turtles.

Quirimbas Archipelago
Quirimbas Archipelago

This Archipelago is a pristine destination, more remote and less frequented than Bazaruto Archipelago. Snorkeling, fishing and diving in these waters don’t get better than this! The impressive 1,500km2 marine area of Quirimbas National Park includes 11 coral islands stretching for 100km. These islands feature phenomenal vertical drop-offs, some up to 400 meters. These walls are abundant with coral covered caves and tropical fish ranging from gobies to mammoth Napoleon Wrasse and game fish including Kingfish and Spanish Mackerel.

Club Incentive - Dine with Sharks
Looking for a completely different function venue in the heart of Cape Town?

The Two Oceans Aquarium in Cape Town’s Waterfront offers a spectacular setting for our Incentives or Events functions up to 120 people. Although the Aquarium provides a spectacular backdrop for functions and conferences, you might wish to enhance the already beautiful scenery by incorporating some spice to it. Here we come!

The I & J Predator Exhibit and the Oceans of Contrast (Atlantic Ocean Gallery) offer atmospheric function venues surrounded by the tranquil marine displays.

Privately, guests will go roam through the different galleries and receive a glass of bubbles in front of a graceful Manta Ray. Around the corner a Saxophonist will bring his tones to the ballet of translucent jellies… You will be entranced by the sleek Ragged Tooth Sharks as they swim by in the Predator Exhibit from your table whilst enjoying your 5 course theme dinner.

Dining with Sharks begins here…
- Charline Mingot (DMC Consultant)

Lodge Actually - Azura Retreats

Azura Retreats

Azura is located on Benguerra Island within the Bazaruto Marine National Park.

Imagine an unspoilt island within a National Park, deserted beaches of pure white sand, sparkling turquoise seas crisscrossed by local dhows plying their trade, swaying palms, sunny days and star studded nights…and you have Azura Mozambique.

Azura is the country’s first luxury 'eco' boutique retreat. Built entirely by hand by the local community and operated in partnership with them, it has just 14 villas, each with their own infinity pool and designed for both pampering and barefoot escapism.

The handbuilt villas blend modern chic with all that is traditional in Mozambique. The creature comforts you would expect from a luxury boutique resort are there, set off by locally sourced wooden beams and traditional artwork beneath a thatched jekka roof.

Each is just footsteps from the beach, yet designed with seclusion in mind. Nestled amidst indigenous gardens, we have created your own sanctuary. A haven of rest and relaxation, where you can feel at one with the environment. A fusion of indoor and outdoor space where time becomes your own.

Wander down to the pristine white beach and welcoming azure sea beyond. Lounge around on plump cushions on your daybed, or tan in private and cool off in your sparkling plunge pool. Dine on your deck, or sip champagne in your beachside Sala as the sun goes down. Lie in your bath and gaze at the view, or shower beneath the stars. Do whatever you want to do. Our villas are a welcoming place to stay. You may not want to leave them at all.

You’ll have a dedicated Mozambican host to look after you during your stay. They’ll take care of all your needs, including serving your meals, arranging activities and joining you on excursions. They are part of Azura’s commitment to the community and upliftment of the country’s people. Many of them have very little in the way of formal education, but they have a genuine warmth and friendliness, and will delight in looking after you.
- Veronique Verbeke (FIT Consultant) Click here to visit the XO Africa Website