Art is in the Air

With the inauguration of the first A380 flight
from Paris to Johannesburg, operated by
Air France, Africa enters into a new era of
tourism with 7 weekly flights on aircraft which
can accommodate
more than 500 people.
This aircraft is a master piece of technology, of
innovation, of design… the Art380 must we call it?

But travelling is also an Art. At least for us…

This month, throughout our newsletter, we would like to associate the 7 Arts
to your journey, while showing you the thousand and one ways of traveling
with vision. With an open mind! With an artistic touch.

In short, if you consider traveling to be an Art, I invite you to meet our
“XO artists” who create and tailor-made your trip to Africa, on facebook.


Ellerman House, located high above Cape Town’s Bantry Bay, is world-renowned as a discreet getaway for the discerning travelers in a true Relais & Chateaux tradition.

Stylish Ellerman displays its own Art collection throughout the entire property and has recently opened a Contemporary Art Gallery with an exclusive selection of pieces created by talented young and contemporary artists from South Africa.

The artwork compiled by the owners, based on an incontestable quality of mixed genres & themes, represents an overview of South Africa over the past hundred years.

For the impatient Art lovers, the complete collection is classified per artist on Ellerman’s website.
This is without doubt a place for you if you are willing to discover South African Art treasures combined with a fine hospitality experience.




If I say, multi purpose, environmentally sustainable, modern, technologically advanced… what do you think of?

Ok… another clue 65,000 seats and state of the art architecture? Let’s say, that I’ve given it away now, yes, you have it, the Green Point Stadium is our 7th wonder of our artistic issue winning with the architecture category. We, locals, call it the “African Renaissance Stadium”.

So, here I go, having to talk about the 2010 World cup… AGAIN!
To cut it short, one of the most artistic football venues in South Africa, the newly-built Green Point Stadium is situated in one of the much sought-after areas in the city of Cape Town, between Table Mountain and the Atlantic Ocean of the Southern tip of Africa. So apart from hosting one of the two semi-final venues for the FIFA World Cup, actually, this multi-purpose venue is also going to be used to stage major events and concerts.

The location is ideal as it is a short walk from the transportation hub of the city. So, set you conference in their venue, do a launch in their hospitality suites, have a cocktail or pre drinks before going to the restaurant, have a visit and a sneak preview of the changing rooms, organize a themed trip around the stadium, have your latest show, workshop, fare… you are right in the trend and avant-garde of events and incentives.

For the rest, let’s stop writing or talking about it, come and experience it!


Health *:
Mercury is not being very kind to you. People are after your skin and your days
are numbered! But with your impressive form - 2 tons in weight and 15 meters
in length; your acts of Dantesque gluttony - gulping down 2 tons of Krill; and
your powerful exhalations that blow water up to five meters high, not to
speak of your mysterious chants that are the subject of worldwide press
coverage, you demand utmost respect.

Family ***:
Alert and healthy, if we may say so, you are of a more placid nature.
Thanks to the harmonious position of Neptune your offspring is growing
by the day. You have to admit that with a consummation of 125 litres
of mother’s milk per day the little ones have the energy needed to
sustain themselves!

Love **:
On the sentimental front you are swimming in troubled waters where you
are trying to keep your head above the water. Eager to explore the great
unknown by covering huge distances on one side, you love to take it easy
and enjoy yourself along the South African coast between August and
November, on the other side. We even say that Hermanus, the village close
to Cape Town, is like your Ibiza where, sure enough, your encounters with
sweethearts are charming and frequent. Despite all of this, your spirits, like
your numbers, are down.

Copyright 2010 XO Africa