One ticket please!

Few steps away from the opening ceremony of XIX soccer world cup, and the ticket hunt is on. And it’s not Barry White that will say the contrary!

The lucky ones already have their tickets, but for the late comers, everything is still possible. So, take your Monday off, and let us run the game.

And to bounce higher than the balls making the front news, the concept of this month’s « week end away » is not only reserved for David Beckham’s fans…

My opinion: a week in Venice is not more glamorous than a starry night in the Okavango Delta… The Namib desert is surely “hotter” than New York… Victoria Falls as wet as London… And the Kruger Park as wild as Paris. Am I wrong here?

Leaving, discovering, celebrating, relaxing, regenerating, or just having a very good time, it’s not the occasions to enjoy a “week end away” that are missing.

So, for God’s sake, leave Beckham’s left foot alone for a change…
and seize the occasion!

Sebastien Charrieras
Let the music play…



Your mission, should you decide to accept it! Harass, surround and push to the last limit, until they take their last breath, spiders, scorpions, snakes… nothing scares you! The bandit of the desert, which is you and your "gang" of suricats! Your night life living in large underground networks, with multiple entrances kept fiercely guarded like Fort Knox!


Born curious and unselfish by nature, you are a serious explorer who does not believe in staying alone in his hole… Family comes first! From the mongoose family to be precise. Between 20 to 50 members of the pack are led by an Alpha Pair. The Gemini of the Desert.


Orion shines and stars above your playing field or playground. And a player, you are! As soon as the first ray of light starts warming up the Kalahari (Botswana), nothing more than a bit of wrestling with your pairs brings life into your gang. Thus you fully deserve your nickname of Sun Angel protecting the Bushmen from the evil of the moon, the famous werewolf!