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This term brings together explorers of unknown destinations, daring and extreme sportsmen.

Some like to say they are part of it… Only a few really are.

Through this meaning or word emerge the essence of travelling, sense of discovering, spirit of exploration… To touch with the finger what some can’t even dream about, to get the goose bumps from the thrill of the quest! This is the one we are talking about today in Newsletter 009.

- Christian Dettori (XO Africa Director)
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Club Incentives

The purpose-built off-road vehicle that Marloes & Rob* put together offers (up to 16 pax**) an unforgettable safari expedition throughout Africa, combining the thrill of exploring remote Africa and challenging driving in these unique lightweight all-terrain vehicles.

So, how does it work for us? Imagine being in a cosy little lodge, footed by the warm water of the Indian Ocean… Take Thonga Beach Lodge for instance. Spend your 1st two nights tracking the Leatherback turtles coming to lay their eggs on a pristine desert beach… Diving with Dolphins is also possible in the area… Imagine going snorkelling on a low reef, game fishing Dorado or the king of all, a Swordfish…

The morning of the 3rd day, we take you in this effectively designed car through the untouched outback of Kwazulu Natal, driving in mud, in sand, through river, through mountains, through Zulu Villages… through the Wild!

Our ideal route, will exercise your driving skills, but among all, will give you a true hands-on African expedition adventure.

What about the hide of national game reserve for a lunch? Overlooking at a waterhole where elephants, kudus, giraffes come regularly to drink? And what do you think of a tented camp in the bush with a spitfire & stargazing to complete your adventure?

Then, let’s keep going on our expedition to the vibe of Maputo, capital of Mozambique… Let’s finish by a touch of Samba of this colourful city, where the Afro and Latino cultures mix their best.

In one trip, you will have experienced what the real Africa has to offer, venturing off the beaten track to touch essences of Adventure…

- Alex Tilmans (Manager)

*Afrikar team / ** up to 60 pax on double cab 4x4
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Adventure Zulu Kingdom
Washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, KwaZulu-Natal, with its subtropical coastline, sweeping savannah in the east and magnificent Drakensberg mountain range in the west, generously caters for just about every taste imaginable.

Known as the Kingdom of the Zulu or South Africa's playground, KwaZulu-Natal has spectacular mountain ranges, miles and miles of golden beaches, battlefields and some of the best game reserves in the country.

Lodge Actually


Northern KwaZulu Natal has many natural and splendid beauties, but little can compare with the superb wildlife to be seen on the shores of Lake Jozini (also known as Pongolapoort Lake).

On board Shayamanzi Houseboat, soak up the stunning scenery of the Lebombo Mountains and Pongola Game Reserve. Enjoy calm serenity on the water or the thrill of Tiger fishing!

Experience the first Houseboats in South Africa - the only one of their kind. Shayamanzi is all about taking time out to appreciate Africa's special wonders.

The whining reel breaks the silence as your fishing rod bends to the limit. Then the spectacular colours of a tail walking 'tiger' light up the water surface, and experience that neither the novice nor avid angler will forget.

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