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Founded on the 1st of January 2007, XO Africa just celebrated its 5th birthday. In short, a big baby.

Usually at this age, we discover and test the limits of the rules imposed by the parents. We see ourselves big and independent. We express our categorical and choleric denials. We play, we talk, we laugh, we cry, we live...

XO is a child growing up fast ... and well.

The proof is: more than 200 incentive and event operations accomplished for the most prestigious companies from France, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, South Africa and even Dubai. And on top of that: more than 16,000 travelers have entrusted their stays in the hands of toddler...

Of course, when you’re five, getting into trouble might happen, particularly in the tourism playground which is not really the Teletubbies garden. But at the end of the day, XO learns, understands and evolves from its mistakes. At that age, the bruises on our knees disappear quickly and what’s most important is what’s ahead and not behind…

2012, time to push the big school doors. Many innovations will punctuate the life of our child. A studious and innovative program that you will discover throughout the year...

And always keeping in mind its parent’s educative leitmotiv, the three pillars that constitute the guideline of a lifetime: Quality, Service and Professionalism.

Once again, we thank our clients for their trust and loyalty. But also our suppliers for their continued efforts in keeping to the high level of quality service we impose on them.

Happy new year.


Mom and dad (and vice versa)


2011 Revisited
All for One
But who are they? They are not in any exchange of mail, yet it is them you see first. They are our guides. Our unsung heroes. They welcome, inform, assist, advise... They are the face of XO Africa. That's why they must be faultless, well almost ... ;-)
Spoken Languages: French and English

Small in size, but extra large in generosity, Andrée has more than a smile up her sleeve. Opened to the world around her, she loves meeting people and the cultural exchanges. It's certainly where she got the gift for foreign languages!

One thing is certain; you will most defiantly have a good time with her: Andrée will show you all her love for South Africa and life!

Spoken Languages: English, French, some Russian and three African dialects

With his eight years of experience, Axel has done it all: from the individual VIP clients or honeymooners to international conferences and incentive groups... he loved everything. When he became a guide, it’s not by accident but a real choice since the beginning of his literary studies. His goal: meeting people and discussing everything from law, economics and international politics with them... among others!

Spoken Languages: English

Bee, as she prefers to be called, has worked for 18 years in the tourism industry where she has tried everything... We can say with confidence that she knows a lot! But her love for nature has won and she eventually specialized in tours around the Victoria Falls. Bee’s warm personality makes her a wonderful companion and her effortless organisational skills will ensure that you have a pleasant and trouble free stay…

Spoken Languages: French and English

Clement studied law for four years before changing deciding to change to a more human relations orientated job. He likes dealing with different types of people from all countries and entertaining and getting to know and understand them, their cultures and backgrounds, it is the most important part of the job to him, in that he believes that he can deliver a higher standard of service. And we will agree, he really knows how to exceed expectations!

Spoken Languages: French and English

Fils has been guiding for 5 years now. His favorite playground: the Cape Region which he has explored every nook and cranny of, with his individual clients. While guiding, he especially likes to focus on the culture of the country!

Spoken Languages: French, English, Italian and Arabic

With her 8 years’ experience as a guide, Georgette has a strong knowledge about South Africa. Whether for individual or incentives, she is always ready to meet new people and share her knowledge. Thanks to her previous job in the luxury industry, Georgette has the perfect skills to deal with verve with our most VIP clients.

Spoken Languages: French, English and Arabic

Kader has traveled all around the world and has held various jobs before opting for tourism and settling in South Africa where he’s been living for 12 years. Passionate about European and African cultures, he loves talking about diverse and various subjects with the younger generation and young at heart!

Spoken Languages: English, Afrikaans and French

Marc is South African but speaks French as well as Molière. He has traveled the world and has the knowledge and experience to work on in different regions of Southern Africa and more! He works on everything from individual clients to large groups. His guilty pleasure: Journalists and government delegations which he manages perfectly. And if your clients have a good sense of humor, they will enjoy Marc thoroughly, in addition to his mischievous side, he remains focused on the job at hand and is extremely professional!

Spoken Languages: Spanish, Catalan and English

Margarida, or Marga as everyone calls her, is relatively new in the tourism industry but she learns fast! Living in South Africa for more than 15 years, she knows a lot of things, and with an explosive temper, your groups will never be bored in her company. Marga is “the bomba latina” of our guides’ team!

Spoken Languages: English, French and German

Patricia is French but has now spent more than half of her life in South Africa. She has always worked in the tourism industry and has been guiding for nearly 10 years. Her specialty: not having one! Patricia is interested in everything, can talk about everything in Southern Africa and enjoys all types of guided tours. And even if she is not tall, you will hear her from a mile away!

Spoken Languages: French and English. Learning Spanish

Samuel is the youngest of the team, certainly by age, but not necessarily by experience. He first worked for a local DMC before embarking alone in the jungle of the guides’ sector, and he has done quite well. In six years, he has been able to try everything and discover that he is as good a guide, as a coordinator for classical groups and incentives.

Spoken Languages: French, English and a bit of Spanish

Even if Sammy seems quite shy at first, this great athlete (Ladies, you will feel safe with him ...) chose to become a guide almost 15 years ago! Human contact is what he prefers in his work. Whether he is with individual clients or incentives, he always manages to convey his love for the country.

Spoken Languages: French, English and Afrikaans

Joseph is kind of a dad to us all ... With all his experience throughout Southern Africa and his temperament of an Olympian calm, managing groups of 300 people and its unexpected issues is not a problem for him. And with a highly developed natural charisma, his clients always hang on his every word he says, whether it's about South Africa or one of his adventures, that will keep them asking for more!

Spoken Languages: French and English

Daniel is South African and Italian and also speaks French perfectly. He knows South Africa and Namibia like the back of his hand, but his heart always remains in the Western Cape. His specialty? In his bus, wandering along the Cape Peninsula, the Winelands and having his clients discover the Garden Route....

Spoken Languages: French, English, Swahili and Lingala

Specializing in the Western Cape Province, Thyto’s experience is more developed in the North (Johannesburg, Soweto and Pretoria) and KwaZulu Natal. Thyto specializes in tours that relate to culture and nature; and therefore loves the more adventurous trips.

Best Wishes 2011