Invictus? Alea Jacta est!

Did Clint Eastwood thought about Julius Caesar when he directed the movie that everyone is currently talking about?

I don’t really know. But if you cross Clint, please ask him the question on my behalf.

Invictus shows that, under Mandela’s leadership in the aftermath of apartheid, Sport could bridge the racial issues that divided South Africa… At that time Rugby was the glorious link.

And 15 years later South Africa will welcome, for Soccer this time, the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

What a master piece of history, isn’t it?

But talking of bridging the impossible, this month I did not find any way of leading you from this movie to our Colourful theme of this 15th Newsletter!

Beati pauperes spiritu.


If you are dreaming of a warm & colourful stay to escape the grey & sad winter, Bloomestate is the perfect spot for you!

Located in Swellendam approximately 2.5 hours drive East from Cape Town, this unique & stylish Guest House offers a well-composed modernist décor and reflects a cool & cubist design. The landscape in contrast to the modern property is represented by an estate of 2.5 hectares, creating a perfect balance between architecture, beautiful nature and eclectic design.

Their seven “Gardenrooms” have been decorated according to the 4 Seasons and the Natural Elements which provide a colorful chic atmosphere including a mix of bright green, sun orange, purplish pink, passionate red, chocolate brown… Simply a real destination for lovers of style!



Love: ** Your group life is dominated by a quick-tempered and polygamous
male. The Zambezi River will provide a haven of peace at the water’s edge
where you love to bask in the sun. This is where in this glamorous
environment we will count thousands of you.

Health:*** Your weight does not seem to pose a problem in your daily
life but that is not a reason to completely abuse the good things during
your nocturnal outings, rich in fodder and various encounters. You will
spend your vacation in Zambia. Watch out for the teeth during the
mating season! Recommendation for good health: Protect yourself from
the Sun.

To know more about the Hippopotamus of the Lower Zambezi, contact