Celebrate! But what...?

The summer sun that has overran Cape Town and that gives our office space this sweet moistness? Obviously!

A long year, a bit rough, but surely the most beautiful one for us? Undoubtedly!

The coming one? With such a busy planning board ahead, full of new projects just as innovative as drivers for a new era. Definitely!

But beyond the self-satisfaction and the idealist projections of 2013, it is our team that we want to honor and celebrate.
This year, our thanks go mainly to the XO artisans. Those who every day, are involved beyond our expectations to ensure that your trips and your events are a flawless success. Those who every day, respect the values of quality, of flexibility, of creativity, of our agency and profession's professionalism.

It is once again you and the trust that you place in us that we acknowledge here in this newsletter. But we have a wonderful team, and they are the ones we want to celebrate today!

Happy holidays to all,

Sébastien Charrieras & Christian Dettori

From Cape Town to the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, find here 10 original ideas to celebrate New Year's Eve in Southern Africa...
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One&Only Cape Town

By Evelyne Lecardeur (Incentive consultant)

kids & parents gonna dance on New Year's Eve !

  • The One&Only
  • KidsOnly
  • KidsOnly

With their "KidsOnly" programs, the One&Only Cape Town seem to be the perfect combination for both parents and kids to rock all night long for New Year's Eve. Their African dance and singing classes will prepare your kids for the big night while the fitness and spa will revitalize you for this special evening.

Delaire Graff Restaurant - Stellenbosh

By Maria Casali (the Italian)

Festive dinner

  • Restaurant deck view

Food lovers, celebrating the arrival of 2013 at Delaire Graff Restaurant will wake up your taste buds. Cocktails and Canapés will be served in front of breathtaking views of Stellenbosh before savouring a five course New Year's Eve Dinner crafted by executive chef Christiaan Campbell with a focus on local products and ingredients.

The Kariega River - Kenton on Sea

By Charlotte Xemard (Newsletter S.W.A.T.)

Water Skiing on New Year's Eve

  • Water Skiing
  • The estuary
  • Kenton on Sea

For celebrating the new year with originality, why not giving up your snow skis for water skis ? Put on a pair on and discover the beautiful Kariega River. Located on a magnificent Estuary near Port Alfred in the Eastern Cape, you will spend the last day of the year in the water, enjoying both river sceneries and the fun of water skiing.

The Melrose Arch hotel Johannesburg

By Stéphane Rossard (Web Marketing)

Bar Hopping

  • Pigale Restaurant Bar at Melrose Arch
  • Melrsoe Arch Hotel Library Bar

If you want to make a bar hopping on New Year's Eve, The Melrose Arch hotel is the place to party ! With no less than twenty restaurants and bars, each one with its own atmosphere and vibe, you will go from bar to bar, celebrating the coming year while the modern vibe of Johannesburg will give you the rhythm.

Skeleton Coast Namibia

By Eric Duchaine (XO Namibia)

Skydiving & Last Memory

  • Get on board
  • Yeaaaaaaaaaah
  • The Skeleton Coast

Wouldn't skydiving above the Namibian Skeleton Coast just before New Year's Eve be your last handsome memory of 2012? Get on board and jump to see the last sun of the year going down with the sand dunes on one side, and the beautiful blue of the ocean on the other side.

Abu Camp - Okavango Delta

By Hélène Soragna (FIT Manager)

Celebrate among the elephants

  • Elephants at Abu Camp
  • Abu Camp
  • Elephant back safari at Abu Camp

Who does not want to celebrate the New Year's Eve with elephants? Camp in the splendid wildlife of the Okavango Delta at the Abu Camp. This area counts more elephants than any other in Africa. Riding and walking with elephants before appreciating a glass of bubbly at midnight would be a beautiful experience for this end of year.

South Luangwa National Park - Zambia

Caroline Sartillo (FIT consultant)

Romance in the trees

  • Roamnce in the trees
  • Roamnce in the trees
  • Roamnce in the trees
  • Roamnce in the trees

What about a night full of love and champagne on the top of a tree in the Zambian bush? In front of the Luangwa River and surrounded by an ancient mahogany forest, the romantic treehouse suite is idyllic for lovers who wants to spend the New Year's Eve alone, perched in the stars. Love is in the air...

Victoria Falls Zimbabwe

By Stéphane Rossard (Web Marketing)

African night sky

  • Sunset on the Victoria Falls
  • A bieautiful African night sky

Spend the New Year's Eve at one of the world's seven natural wonders: the mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. On top of that, contemplate a spectacular African night sky at midnight while savoring a glass of champagne. The shooting stars will allow you to make hundreds of wishes for 2013. Make a wish !

Matemo Island - Mozambique

By Mélanie Ravot(Incentive Consultant)

New Year's Eve on the beach

  • Matemo Island
  • Matemo Island
  • Matemo Island

The end of the year is often associated with snow and cold weather but not in Africa ! Let's spend the New Year's Eve on the beaches of Matemo Island. The warm turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean will blow your mind as well as the dolphins, whale sharks and turtles that will wish you all the best for 2013 !

Desroches Island - Seychelles

By Charlotte Xemard (Newsletter S.W.A.T.)

Recharge the batteries for 2013

  • Desroches Island
  • How's that for relaxation
  • White sand and crystal clear water

After a stressful year, spend New Year's Eve alone in the world at Desroches Island. The white sandy beaches, the tropical warm climate and the crystal clear water will be your perfect shelter from the office turmoil. In other words, the perfect place for recharging the batteries for the coming year.

Charline is getting married. 5 years in South Africa and here it goes...
What else cam we say ? That finally, life here is not that bad?
We sincerely wish you the best.

Your idea of ultimate luxury?

To have time! Lots of time to do whatever I want whenever and where I want with the people I love!

What calms your stress?

A great hike on Table Mountain or Lion’s Head! Or a nice dinner with my friends!

If you win the roulette 9 times in a row, do you carry on because luck is on your side or do you stop playing because statistically you should now be losing?

No chance for me to play or win one day! I hate Casino.

Is there a superstition that makes you change your behaviour?

Superstition? No thanks, not for me.

If you were sent to a deserted island what book, disc or movie would you take with?

My kindle and iPod fully loaded! And a solar generator to recharge them :-)

A small pleasure that you consider huge?

Check the first answer

Your way to kill time?

Listening to music and reading books, news & magazines on the Web

What are you totally incompetent in?

Driving! I hate it!

To what are you addicted?


Your new year’s resolutions?

Enjoying myself and have fun every single day!

What have you not done yet, but that you will certainly do one day?

Travel around the World.

To which other part of the world would you move to without any hesitation?

I found my dream destination, so why would I move?

A word or a phrase that you hate?

I'm coming now! That means nothing here in Southern Africa. I'm still struggling with the African Time!

If you were to reincarnate into someone from real life who would it be?

Mmh... I never really thought about that. A great musician, but a happy one because the most talented one are a bit tormented.