Cape Town was recently named World Design Capital for 2014, beating Dublin and Bilbao which were also shortlisted. Couple this with the recent recognition of Nature’s own design skills – Table Mountain being named as one of the Seven Wonders of the World – and it has certainly been a celebratory period for this city.

A new unknown price endorsed by an obscure South African lobbying, wouldn’t you think?

The World Design Capital bid has received widespread public and private sector support and, while I am not South African, I joined the Capetonians in celebrating this amazing honour, which is given biennially by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (ICSID).

While the trends of “design king”, Ikea, certainly haven’t reached South African shopping malls yet, the creativity and artistic vibe of Capetonians is far-reaching. History, culture and environmental influences have had a powerful impact on fashion and design, placing this vibrant city among the most influential in the world. Cape Town joins previous winners Turino, Seoul and Helsinki on the prestigious winners list.

Here in cape Town we like to keep things interesting with a colourful array of mixed styles; you can visit the historical Malay Quarter, with it’s stylish bursts of random colour and just a stones-throw away you’ll find revival eco-friendly hotels with sleek lines and innovative architectural ideas.

A walk down Cape Town’s city streets and you’ll have yet a further array of interesting design ideas of a different sort; miniature works of art fashioned out of Coke cans, old tyres, beads and feathers line the sidewalks right outside shops displaying Italian design furniture and home ware – it’s all so fresh and inspiring! The trends are sometimes eccentric; sometimes provacative – we either like it or we don’t!

This newsletter exposes just the tip of the design iceberg for you, revealing just how complex and diverse the new World Design Capital is...

And we like it!


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Fleur Clarissa Kimmich… What the hell her parents were thinking about???
Silky charm with a strong character, Fleur is "just" a concept, full of contradiction, of energy, of convictions... A Rolls camouflaged as a Ford K...

Your idea of ultimate luxury?

Having more that 24 hours in a day

What calms your stress?

Hunting? :-) No, more seriously, nothing. I simply need to go through that phase and think twice about the real reason I get stressed! Then it all becomes easier.

If you win the roulette 9 times in a row, do you carry on because luck is on your side or do you stop playing because statistically you should now be losing?

As long as I get back my investment, I don’t mind carrying on playing. But then, I get bored quite quickly.

Is there a superstition that makes you change your behaviour?

Not really. However, I simply wished that I could follow or listen to my 6th sense a bit more often. Guess it always turns out to be right...

If you were sent to a deserted island what book, disc or movie would you take with?

Guys, it’s about time now that you change your random questions :-)

A small pleasure that you consider huge?

When I manage to surprise the one I love. And... when I have the last word!

Your way to kill time?

I guess you know the answer to this one?

What are you totally incompetent in?

... Food shopping & filling my tax return. For the rest ask the boss...

To what are you addicted?

Chips, Earl Grey, my blackberry (apparently!) and my new Ford KA.

Your new year’s resolutions?

That never really worked for me. So I won’t pretend that I have the intention to have any.

What have you not done yet, but that you will certainly do one day?

Letting go...

To which other part of the world would you move to without any hesitation?

Let’s get the pen rolling on a map and see where it stops - I’ll go there.

A word or a phrase that you hate?

PS : you are more expensive than your competitors.

If you were to reincarnate into someone from real life who would it be?

I’d be interested to see if I would’ve reacted or done things differently if I were born as a man.