If any city's name has an impact, a fierce, extreme image, then Johannesburg is definitely one of them.

Its past we already know about: the gold mine settlements, the exodus, opulence and poverty. Soweto, Desmond Tutu, De Klerk, Mandela...

Today, that’s the renewal of this once vibrant city that we would like to highlight. Jo’burg deserves more than a sleep over and here is why:

The youngsters, students and the growing middle class have transformed the city, giving it more colours than the South African flag!

Let’s first start with the Arts & Culture : South Africa is no longer ashamed with its past, and is opening itself to the world with fresh and energetic inspiration from its talented artists, carrying the colours of their country from their hearts to your minds. From any side, museums, galleries, exhibitions, street stalls, the Art & Culture will brightly splash your mind.

Then, the Art of Design: Pure lines, inspired, chic & charming, the hotels and boutiques are mixing high-tech and raw materials in a serene wrap… Bars & Clubs that you could easily confuse with those from NY or Berlin… Eccentric and enthused Designer’s Shops… the city is now the fashion and design capital of Africa! Interested to get the last Elle Deco?

And the Art of Living: Jozi knows how to have a good time! Bio street markets, streets to stroll in, patisseries, secret coffee shops, dinners doused in Pinotage or Cabernet… Although Jo’burg doesn't have a sea, the heat from the city and from its citizens certainly replaces crowded beaches.

I love Jozi

Johannesburg has started its mutation! Several suburbs have been rehabilitated, art and culture is flourishing, funky hotels are blooming like colorful roses all over. So it is time to put this city under the spot lights.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the activities, accommodations or restaurants detailed in this newsletter, don't hesitate to contact us

The trendy thing in South Africa is to shop in markets and Joburg is no exception on that subject. There are some lovely markets emerging in different areas of the city offering organic food to delicious on the go meals or excellent flea market deals.

To name a few we would suggest you take a look at

The Rooftop market in Rosebank every Sundays from 9 till 5. The best flea market of South Africa with 500 stalls.

The Mickael Mount Organic Village Market in Bryanston every Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 to 3 is a place to go as well, it is Joburg’s original outdoor organic market! With 120 stalls selling 100% natural clothes and food.

Newtown is a delightful and creative suburb with a world class offering of theatre, dance, music, art, photography and crafts - all for your entertainment. For instance Kippies, located in the former Songwriters’ Club in Newtown, is named after the legendary saxophonist Kippie Moeketsi and serves as a venue to live jazz as it has for years.
Everybody knows about Soweto but there is so much more! What about crossing the Mandela Bridge to Newton and visiting the wonderful Museum Africa, a window of the cultural history of the African continent set in one of the most beautiful buildings of the area, definitely worth the visit.
While you are in this area go to the “Top of Africa” and get the best view of the city from the Carlton Center roof.

Many private galleries highlight the incredible creativity of the South African artists. Gallery Momo in parktown North is one of them, Art Africa in Parkview, Duka Art in Milpark… Find your favorite and send us the address!

You haven’t felt the real beat of Jozy if you haven’t gone dancing in a bling place. So glam up and hit the dance floor of The Bank with the bold and beautiful of the city. www.thebankbar.co.za, Rosebank.

You want to know more about the history of beer, its fabrication and eventually try some of our African recipies? Then come explore the SAB World of Beer in Newton!

Shop until you drop… Sandton mall is the biggest on the African continent! But there are also plenty of smaller malls where you can find new African designer clothes, wonderful bags or jewels. Head to The Zone in Rosebank for instance! Morningside center also displays beautiful crockery.
Or if you want to heat your credit card and learn everything on diamonds (what is the size of Taylor-Burton diamond?) AND visit a real mine, spend a half day at the Cullinnan’s Diamonds Mine.
There is a large range of accommodation in Joburg from classical to very modern and funky. Here is a little short list.

Melrose Arch: Melrose is a newly built trendy area with restaurants and bars. The hotel right in the middle of the viby piazza has everything of a big hotel with a funny twist. Ever wanted to eat in a swimming pool? Having the safe hidden behind a painting? That’s definitely a place full of surprising winkles and nice modern rooms perfect for a young dynamic couple or for a group of incentive.

10 2nd avenue: Comfort, beautiful typical Johannesburg style building, thick carpets… Welcome to the boutique hotel 10 2nd Avenue. The villa is very warm and offers real perfect classic luxury in a lush garden only 20 minutes from the airport or Sandton.

Tintswalo Waterfall: On the way to Pretoria the hotel offers a magnificient 360 view. It gives a country side feeling 30 minutes away from town. The building and rooms are contemporary and light.

Lamunu: This brand new funky hotel with zesty orange color brings peps in the suburb of Braamfontein. The place is simple, design and joyful. A good spot to start your visit of Joburg.

Whether you are a refined gastronome, a fan of Carrie Bradshaw, or just a casual diner, Johannesburg has it all in terms of restaurants.

Let’s start with Thomas Maxwell Bistro, a relaxed baroque place offering simple but quality products (Curried mussels, cold meat platters,…) to enjoy with a pitcher of local beer. A nice start!

You would prefer a little more exoticism? Head for Moyo, in Melrose business center. Attended by Joburg businessmen as well as tourists, this impressive restaurant showcases Africa through its atmosphere (ethnic art, Moroccan tents) and menu (grilled kudu or springbok, butternut cakes, tajines, Mozambican peri-peri…). It’s also the perfect place to enjoy the sight of top-models, sport cars , African sculptures disseminated throughout the large terrace.

Let’s follow our culinary trip with Ami Restaurant and Champagne Bar, where the gilded youth tends to meet. Extensive French and local Champagne menu, large cocktail list, trendy atmosphere and modern design made of white, black and gold…where even Philippe Starck wouldn’t be disorientated… It’s also the perfect spot to apprehend Jozi’s vibe with a glass of bubbly and some oysters.

Though I’m not a sweet tooth, I saved you the best for last: DW Eleven-13. Despite its name (which sounds more like the name of the last sci-fi movie), DW Eleven-13 has recently been awarded the title of Best restaurant in Joburg. Here, the product is the real hero. Revamping classic bistro fares, the chef offers an inspired cuisine (New York Style beef tartare, roasted rack of lamb and truffled mash…), a succinct but well-thought wine list and a first-class service.

I could keep on discussing Joburg restaurants for ages, but it’s almost noon…and I’m starving! Bon appétit!

Jo’burg has never been an appealing destination for Incentives. (Well, at least that’s what YOU say) Why? Maybe, because most of you don’t really know it or listen too much to the bad press? Jozi is a way of life and we have the best kept secrets. We won’t tell you all about them in this newsletter… until you really come and experience it for yourself. So, in the meantime, take a walk on the wildside…

09:00   Start with an English breakfast at the quirky Shack Coffee Shop in Orlando, which conveniently is at the Hector Pieterson Museum. Inside the Museum learn about the student uprising of 16 June 1976. Nearby, shops of exotic dresses and shirts will dress you like Nelson Mandela!

10:30   No Visit to Soweto is complete without a stop at Regina Mundi Church where sermons often became rallies in the dark days of Apartheid. Inside, you will find the famous Black Madonna and an second floor of photos and artworks.

11:30   For Thrills, Swing by the Orlando Towers. Daredevils can bungee jump from these disused cooling towers.

13:00   Lunch at Wandies for a traditional and exotic lunch in “shebeen style restaurant”… Finger licking good.

14:30   Soweto by Bike… Unique experience to discover the best of Soweto from Mandela’s house, Desmond Tutu’s one to the iconic barbers on the pavement! Pretty cool.

17:00   To recover, cross the street to Robbie’s Place to quench your thirst and listen to sophisticated Jazz.

20:00   Sakhumzi with its hip, thatched-roof chill-out area is ideal for making new friends… and the pork ribs are delicious!

23:00   Bed time? The Soweto Hotel on Freedom Square will surely make it

08:30   Funky Sports car at disposal, let’s start the day by a picnic surrendered by the roses of the Johannesburg Botanical Garden. For the wildest of you: Feed the ducks on the Emmarentia Dam!

10:00   Keeping going green, we will present you the Danone Clover Gardening Project "Caring for our children". 40 pre-selected needy schools will benefit from this initiative by gardening in schools, ideal to bring health to as many children as possible through nutrition. Would you join us there?

13:00   In the kept secret 44 Stanley, the “Il Giardino Degli Ulivi” (barbarian name simply to say the garden of olives). Bio range of products under the shade of olives trees… You are not in Jo’burg.

14:30   Staying still in the 44 Stanley, a series of industrial buildings now a relaxed meander through 25 specialty boutiques, restaurants and design studios. The Synergy of creative souls, aloes, 1930s architecture and deliciously unique products - from clothing, toys, objects, to food and furnishings – create the right ambiance for a perfect art and shop memory.

17:30   A spa and a massage? On the banks of the crocodile River, the Woodlands Center boats ecological sensitive architechture and a mass of holistic treatments… For me a pedicure please ;-)

20:00   The Forum & Turbine Hall, the new icon of Jo’burg. A multitude of space for different – Dinner – Diamond & Fashion shows.

Need to have a working session? We’ve got the place for you! The Alexander Theatre, an iconic feature on Jo’burg’s arts landscape, is wooding audiences once again. Beautiful for your conventions.

Lunch at We talked about it above. Nothing to say. Simply the Best.

15:00   A bit of Shopping before packing up? Sandton is packed from Luxury brand to local clothing designer. You’ll find the perfect gift for your lover.

17:30   Time to go to the airport… Why not trying the Gautrain, the new way of travelling in style in Jo’burg.

   This program is purely informative and a teaser of selections of our choice
Your idea of ultimate luxury ?
Visit space on board of the Virgin Galactic space shuttle
What calms your stress ?
Thinking of my daughter
If you win the roulette 9 times in a row, do you carry on because luck is on your side or do you stop playing because statistically you should now be losing ?
I continue because luck is on my side
Is there a superstition that make you change your behaviour ?
To not pass underneath a ladder
If you were sent to a deserted island what book, disc or movie would you take with?
Certainly a book by Hemingway or Maupassant
A small pleasure that you consider huge?
Smoking a cigarette after a meal
Your way to pass time?
Listening to music
What are you totally incompetent in?
To what are you addicted?
The sun
Your new year’s resolutions?
I’m going to think about it…
What have you not done yet, but that you will certainly do one day?
A trip around the world on a yacht
To which other part of the world would you move to without any hesitation?
A word or a phrase that you hate?
Never say never
If you were to reincarnate into someone from real life who would it be?
A Tibetan monk