Shall I tell you about my last trip to Botswana?

A few days ago, I went to the Okavango Delta, ironically escorting a group of… pet food specialists! We set up a private tented camp right in the middle of the Moremi National Park, to be the base for our safari quests in the area. And after landing on a wet and dirty track, our Cessna’s pilots left, leaving us face to face with the wild. Our camp was miles away from civilisation but nothing was left undone to insure our comfort. Even a cool glass of Chardonnay upon arrival!

The shallow and abundant water from the Delta offers a wide range of safaris. From Game drives to Mokoro trips (traditional canoe made of Mahogany wood). Moremi is a labyrinth of tracks to follow, leading to open plains, clear forests to mysterious wetlands. The trick here is… your professional Ranger. And mine was an expert! Beside the Hippos, answering at night to the snoring competition started by one of my clients, its not less than 2 spotted hyenas, 1 wild cat, a bunch of crocs, 3 fish eagles, 1 eagle owl (beautiful), uncountable elephants, 9 lions and… 3 leopards (unbelievable), that Bibi (his name!) spotted for us. And to complete the scene, a warthog… star of the month in our animoscope!

What a trip! What a wonderful safari destination! And it's not my pet food specialists who will object to that!
Enjoy the drive.

Sebastien Charrieras
Malaria (almost) Free



The beauty of the scenery…I don’t need to tell you about. The Great Okavango, takes on a special look here, the habitats vary from open grasslands to secluded island sanctuaries and papyrus-fringed channels and this complex ecosystem hosts a wide variety of game.

In an Afro-Bedouin ambiance (excuse the neologism) the scrumptious Abu Camp welcomes you in a warm atmosphere, offering the charming dichotomy of decadent camping.

The tents are spacious and the food is good but what makes Abu really special are the hosts, a herd of elephant that I had the luck to share my stay with, thanks to the amazing interaction that the lodge offers.

On the news side, the lodge is getting refurbished…I am waiting with impatience its opening in June!



The Safaripoly

1/ Every team (each Landrover) kicks of with a credit of 100,000 Safari $
The aim is to collect combinations of colors corresponding to 3 animals each time, of which
the value corresponds to it’s rarity:

- Red suite : Springbok / Kudu / Impala = 20 000 Saf $
- Green Suite : Lion / Cheetah / Leopard = 50 000 Saf $
- Yellow Suite : Hippo / Elephant / Warthog = 40 000 Saf $
- Blue Suite : Rhino / Giraffe / Zebra = 35 000 Saf $

Rules of the Game:
As soon as a team sees an animal, the ranger gives them the corresponding card.
Every team may have maximum two cards of the same animal if they see the
same type of animal twice in two different places.

- If they see a pride of lion, the will be awarded one card.
- If they see a lion in the morning and two hours later another lion, they will be awarded
a second card by the ranger.
- If they see lion three times over a period of time in different places they may still only have 2 cards.

During a meeting with another team (for coffee or just running into them on the road) the teams may exchange cards
- You may choose to exchange the springbok for a Hippo to complete your suite, for example.
- You may choose to exchange a warthog for a lion + 20000 Saf $ (up to you to negotiate)

Please note : If by bad luck you see an eagle, ask your ranger for a Good Luck card – or Bad Luck!

The Winner : At night it will be the team who has got the most complete suites with the highest value that will win.


Daily Life:
Neither graceful nor beautiful, you are nonetheless remarkable animals.
Some say that you are a Pig. Yes, and so what? At least you are a wonderful one,
able to tolerate a higher-than-normal body temperature by conserving moisture
inside your own body. Mars is looking after you, making you impulsive, with a
fierce temper that you should channel positively. Charging without warning…
Without thinking sometimes, is not the solution to your problems. Even if your
identifiable two pairs of tusks sticking out from the mouth are weapons good
enough to discourage predators!

Bacchus & you live in perfect harmony. Your appetite is huge and being
powerful diggers, you use both heads and feet to reach the perfect meals.
Grass, roots, berries and other fruits, bark, fungi, eggs, dead animals, and
even small mammals, reptiles and birds, nothing will stop you from being

You are independent and solitary. Even if you dare meeting wives & children
from time to time, you leave your lady sorting out the current business. Tails in
the air, tuft waving like a tiny flag you are the Italian of the bush.

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